About Steel Commander Corp

A trailblazer in the steel buildings kit industry producing a myriad of custom-designed steel buildings.

We are the leading Steel Building manufacturer in the US offering a combination of expertise, innovation, and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Steel Commander Corp offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural industries with a combined experience of over forty years. Our steel building kits are extremely tough, yet easy to assemble.

We pride ourselves on customer service satisfaction, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and deliver customized solutions that meet or exceed their expectations.

Being the Steel Building industry leader is a challenging, but rewarding endeavor that requires a team of dedicated professionals working together to manufacture and deliver high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Why choose Steel Commander Corp

Steel Commander Corp is a pioneer for full-service custom designed steel building kits

We offer a variety of solutions for whatever type of end-use application you have in mind. We can accommodate in a fast and affordable manner without compromising on your steel buildings quality. When you make the decision to do business with us you make the choice to receive an exceptional steel building kit product, built tough to last a lifetime.

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  • Hurricane
  • Structural
    C Channel
  • Maintenance
  • Registered Engineering
    in All 50 States
  • Easily
  • Multiple
  • Heavy Snow, Wind,
    and Seismic Loads
  • No Special
    Tools Required
  • Heavy-Duty Rigid
    Welded Steel Frame
  • Easy Build-It-Yourself
  • Galvanized

About Steel Commander Corp

When you are looking for flexible storage and workspace that offers all season and long term protection, you should look into our steel garage buildings.

Steel Commander Corp engineers design all of our steel garage buildings according to your exact specifications and respond with a custom design that is tailored for your property.

Why steel garage buildings are an intelligent investment for any of your storage and workshop needs:

  • Our steel garage buildings are completely customizable so that they can meet your precise garage requirements – from choosing the floorplan, color, size, and more. You have complete freedom to design your garage precisely the way you want it.

  • The design and build-out phase for steel garage buildings is much more time effective when compared to traditional construction timelines.

  • Steel is not subject to the deterioration that regularly constructed buildings are subject too. Thus, your resale value is extraordinary and your steel garage building has the ability to be taken apart, moved, or sold in a rapid manner.

  • Heavy-duty steel garage buildings are resilient and require very little, if any, regular maintenance.

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