• The Superior Choice For All Steel Buildings

    Trustworthy Steel Building Company For All Of Your Fortified Structure Solutions

  • The Superior Choice For All Steel Buildings

    Trustworthy Steel Building Company For All Of Your Fortified Structure Solutions

  • The Superior Choice For All Steel Buildings

    Trustworthy Steel Building Company For All Of Your Fortified Structure Solutions

Welcome To The Steel Buildings Of Your Dreams

When you need the most exceptional steel buildings for commercial or home use, Steel Commander Corp is the superior choice to help you from beginning to end with the design and delivery of your steel building kits. Call us today and speak with a steel building expert and see how we can help.

The Problem with Traditional Building Materials

  • Wooden Roof on Traditional Home Under Construction


    Traditional buildings require more workers for assembly, including more specialized fields for drywall, roofing, etc. Traditional buildings also require more materials and components and the cost of all the materials are more significant, but so are the assembly costs.

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  • Stack of Wood


    Regional differences need to be considered with traditional building materials like wood. Trees are made by nature, so even though they may be cut to similar specifications, there will be unique differences like grain density among trees of the same species but located in different places. Strength, straightness, and resistance can all vary from tree to tree.

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  • Demolished Flooring in Traditional Home


    Unlike steel, wood beams are prone to aging. They split, crack, creep, rot and warp with time and are also vulnerable to termites, mold, and mildew and can expand with increased humidity and moisture. This means maintenance will be more costly and labor-intensive.

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  • Pitched Roof of Traditional Home on Fire

    Insurance Cost

    Traditional building materials are prone to many issues including fires, floods, wind, and insect damage. Insurance costs can vary wildly depending on the type of building as well making your projects and long-term operation costs more unpredictable and expensive.

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  • Large Orange Dumpster Full of Traditionally Used Construction Materials


    Traditional building material waste is often not recycled and reaches the end of life in landfills. These structures also utilize numerous types of materials, making reusability or recyclability even more expensive and labor-intensive.

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The Solution Is Steel

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    Steel Materials
    Are Recycled

Welcome To The Steel Buildings Of Your Dreams

Why choose Steel Commander Corp?

Steel Commander Corp offers a variety of solutions for whatever type of end-use application you have in mind. We can accommodate in a fast and affordable manner without compromising on your steel buildings quality.

  • Great appearance
  • Design and size flexibility
  • Efficient design capabilities
  • Economical start-up cost
  • Fast construction
  • Green Building Materials
  • Permanence with non-combustible materials
  • Load requirements designed to fit your needs.
  • A finished look, with all structural steel, shop-coated with gray oxide primer.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    When you make the decision to do business with us you make the choice to receive an exceptional steel building product while enjoying unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of steel building kits and some can be fortified with heavy-duty C-Channels and red iron I-Beams.

  • The Steel Building experts

    There are many other things to look out for when purchasing a steel building kit. That is why it is always in your best interest to call a steel building expert and ask the important questions.

Check out our FAQs section and give us a holler at your convenience.

Product Offering

  • C-Channel

    A C-Channel Building is by far the simplest and most economical steel building system. The C-Channel building provides the same conventional look of a Rigid Frame steel structure at a more affordable cost. There is less engineering time involved in the design a C-Channel building and because there is no welding during manufacturing, thinner gauge steel and a lighter structure, costs can be minimized. Larger or more complex projects may not qualify for a C-Channel design. Reach out to Steel Commander Corp to speak with a specialist who can answer all your questions.

  • Rigid Frame/I-Beam

    One of our most popular building types is the “Rigid Frame” also known as an “I-Beam Building.” I-beams are very strong, not just because they are made of metal but because of the way they are constructed. Most of the materials of the I-beam are located along the axial fibers which are the area that experience the most stress. The shape also plays an important role because the beam naturally resists bending movement and shear stress. These allow the beam to handle a variety of extremely heavy loads, making it a perfect choice for a metal building to last a lifetime.

Need Help with financing?

At Steel Commander Corp, we pride ourselves in making your metal building purchase as stress-free as possible. No matter what your financial situation may be, we want to make it easier for you to afford the metal building of your dreams for a price you can afford. Fund your project as soon as tomorrow. Finance your steel building today!

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Speak with an expert

Call us today and speak with a steel building expert and see how we can help

steel building rendering of a metal storage building

Let our steel building experts assist you with getting the ultimate with a steel building.

Steel Commander Corp will create a detailed engineering plan that is custom to your property while adhering to your state’s specifications. Every state has its own building codes. Working with a steel building expert takes all the headaches out of building a new structure. When you purchase a steel building it is an investment that will last a lifetime. Popular uses for our steel building kits include:

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Design your SCC Steel Building

Need Help With Installation?

View builders in your area through our partnership with the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA)

  • We purchased a steel 40′ x 80′ building from Steel Commander, and I have to say that they are an excellent company and I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is in the market for a building. Not only was their price better than any other price that we obtained, but the quality of the building, the packaging, the customer service/support was excellent. The building arrived exactly as promised and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase.

    Maria Columbo

  • My experience with Steel Commander has been excellent. Through the questions they answered for me, the guidance they gave on what would and wouldn’t work for my application, and thru the ordering process. Communication was great and the delivery went smooth. I have been very pleased with my building and know that it was money well spent.

    David Morgan

  • Overall good experience with Steel Commander. The building kit was complete and looks great. I did have to have the footings engineered and the building department here in Idaho required the calculations from foundation engineers and the building engineers. I was disappointed that Steel Commander required me to pay to get these calculations. Communication was good. My building arrived in December so I wasn’t able to inspect the kit immediately. The good news is everything was provided. I do recommend this company. I am very happy with the finished project.

    Darrell Beebe

  • I bought this building from steel commander crop and they’re the best there is they designed for me and it’s 50 x 40 They’re super nice super friendly I had a free delivery included in a price the guy cannot ask anything better than this thank you guys so much

    Semsudin Dervisevic

  • Work with Steel Commander Corporation was as good as it gets. They worked well with me and took care of the hiccups we had in the building process. Thank you so much for a great quality building.

    Michael Pias

    Los Angeles California