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Steel Commander Corp has a variety of C-channel and rigid frame steel building kits, ideal for business and residential storage applications. Straight wall metal buildings are the perfect storage solution that can be erected in a manner of weeks and construction costs are much cheaper when compared to traditional building methods. Navigating the permitting process and county codes is made much easier with our pre-approved engineering plans in all fifty states. The combinations of colors we offer for the end walls and trim will also allow your metal building to blend seamlessly into any setting.

Self Storage Building Kits are great for securing your valuables, ranging from recreational vehicles, lawn equipment, tractors, collectibles, prized vehicles, and any overflow items from your home that you want to protect. Our self-storage steel building kits are customizable for commercial use to have many different sized units that you generally find at a public self-storage facility. The walls can be insulated, and the roof has the tightest seal to keep your contents safe from weather and outside intruders.

Self Storage Building Kits for commercial use are cash cows that can quickly pay for themselves in a few years. They are the most economical choice and sturdy enough to last well over 50 years, with little to no maintenance. Heavy winds and massive snow loads are no match for our prefab metal storage buildings. The self-storage building units come with a variety of door options. Most units come with roll-up doors and are walled off with 20 – 28 gauge steel cladding. For some occasions, self-storage building kits require extra strong walls to customize the cladding to be 20 gauge steel, including the roof.

Self Storage Building Kits

Our prefab self storage building kits are engineered for an easy to erect design, and they are approved in all fifty states.

The cost for a metal storage building is substantially lower than wood frame or concrete block construction and also requires very little upkeep. The Energy Star® exterior paint Steel Commander Corp utilizes is specially formulated paint, and it’s used on all of our metal storage buildings. This protects the finish and the prevention of rust, flaking, and peeling. The Energy Star® is applied using a new silicone protected polyester technology that utilizes unique pigments designed to reflect infrared energy while absorbing visible light.


Add a cross-ventilation system to keep your self-storage building kit in pristine condition with turbine vents on the roof and wall louvers. You can choose from a variety of industrial-type roll-up door systems to ensure the best security. The roll-up doors come in 16 – 26 gauge steel and are available in sizes up to 30’ wide to 28’ high. You can include various add-ons to customize your metal storage building with like windows or walk through access doors.

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    If you have long-term storage plans and property, buying your steel building kit could pay the storage cost in a few years.


    Our permanent steel building kits are designed and constructed to allow for expansion, no matter how large your storage needs.


    Our clear span system using red iron welded beams to support a clear span interior with no trusses or posts, so you have more room.

Self Storage Building Kits

In addition To Our Self Storage Building Kits We Offer:

  • Agricultural Steel Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangar Steel Buildings
  • Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Garage Steel Buildings
  • Industrial Steel Buildings
  • Recreational Steel Buildings
  • Residential Home Steel Buildings
  • Storage Steel Buildings
  • Workshop Steel Buildings
  • Marijuana Steel Buildings
  • Livestock Steel Buildings
  • Horse Barn Steel Buildings (Riding Arenas)
  • Sports Steel Buildings

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