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Steel Warehouse Buildings can be scaled so that they are large enough to store large amounts of inventory and are ideal for managing your warehouses day to day operations. Our sturdy metal buildings can be up to forty feet high with almost unlimited length capabilities. They can be customized to contain perishable products or standard inventory. Steel warehouse buildings from Steel Commander Corp are an ideal solution for your management needs and inventory storage.

Generally, warehouse operations require a specific set of building features, and our steel warehouse buildings are designed according to your usage and property requirements. Essentially, this means that by working with our experienced steel warehouse building design team, you will be able to implement all of the custom aspects that your warehouse operation needs.

Steel Commander Corp’s steel warehouse buildings are designed with a rigid-frame that utilizes the highest grade materials like the uber durable Z Purlins and heavy-duty C-channel red iron beams. Metal buildings are so much more cost-effective when compared to traditionally constructed wood frame or brick and mortar buildings. One of the main reasons for this is the time it takes to construct the buildings. Once you have permits and a concrete slab foundation in place your building can be erected in as little as three to four weeks. This is what drops the price of steel buildings considerably as traditional construction can easily take 6 months to a year.

Steel Warehouse Buildings

Our prefab steel building kits are engineered for an easy to erect design, and they are approved in all fifty states.

All of our Steel Warehouse Buildings are coated with Energy Star® approved paint that is specifically designed for the steel to withstand the harshest weather conditions and has an Industry Leading Technology with Registered Engineering in All 50 States.


The exterior of the prefab metal building kit is sealed with steel cladding often 24 – 26 gauge steel. You have a variety of colors to choose from for your metal warehouse building’s end walls and trim. Color Chart

Our pre-engineered steel building systems are expandable to different lengths by removing the end wall. Custom components can be added to the steel building. The entire steel warehouse can be insulated by using insulated wall and roof panels or climate control such as AC or heating depending on environmental conditions. Common warehouse options include installing a lighting system, intercom systems, shelving, and strategic floor plans to accommodate forklifts maneuvering products throughout the warehouse.

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    Enjoy sharp-looking facilities that protect and provide shelter for Equestrians and other livestock needs no matter how wild. Call today and we can answer any questions you might have whether it is about the design process or certifications for your state and other legal requirements. The versatility of our steel building design creates a strong foundation with a straight wall that enjoys a clear span that delivers the maximum usable space per square foot.


    The clear span interior free from beams and rafters affords you the flexibility to custom design your interior to suit your storage plans and a fully operational warehouse facility.


    The rigid frame backbone for our metal buildings is certified for hurricane-force winds and heavy snow loads, especially in the most severe climates.

Steel Warehouse Buildings

In addition To Our Steel Warehouse Buildings We Offer:

  • Agricultural Steel Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangar Steel Buildings
  • Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Garage Steel Buildings
  • Industrial Steel Buildings
  • Recreational Steel Buildings
  • Residential Home Steel Buildings
  • Storage Steel Buildings
  • Workshop Steel Buildings
  • Indoor Cultivation Steel Buildings
  • Livestock Steel Buildings
  • Horse Barn Steel Buildings (Riding Arenas)

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