Steel garage buildings designed to last, for any of your home, agricultural, or business needs! Steel garage buildings are the swiss army knife of garages because of their flexible nature to be fully customized according to your needs.

From housing valuable farming equipment, recreational vehicles, lawn equipment, vehicles, trucks, cars, tools, and anything of value can be securely and safely stored with our steel garage buildings. When a standard garage is not enough when you need the incomparable versatility that a steel garage building affords.

When you are looking for flexible storage and workspace that offers all season and long term protection, you should look into our steel garage buildings. Steel Commander Corp engineers design all of our steel garage buildings according to your exact specifications and respond with a custom design that is tailored to your property.

Steel Garage Buildings

How Steel Structures Work

Generally, there will be 5 key kinds of structural components that are crucial to making the sturdiest steel frame – compression members, bending members, tension members, combined force members, and their connections. The tension members are generally located as chord and web members in the trusses and open web steel joists. A tension member has one main objective, to carry tensile forces, in laymen’s terms – pulling forces only and their end connections are specified and assumed to be pinned. Pin connections thwart and prevent any movement, rotations or shear forces from being applied to the member.

Steel Garage Buildings

Why steel garage buildings are an intelligent investment for any of your storage and workshop needs:

  • Our steel garage buildings are completely customizable so that they can meet your precise garage requirements – from choosing the floorplan, color, size, and more. You have complete freedom to design your garage precisely the way you want it.

  • The design and build-out phase for steel garage buildings is much faster.

  • Steel is not subject to the deterioration that regularly constructed buildings are subject too. Thus, your resale value is extraordinary and your steel garage building has the ability to be taken apart, moved and or sold in a rapid manner.

  • Heavy-duty steel garage buildings are resilient require very little if any regular maintenance.

Steel Garage Buildings

Why our Steel Garage Buildings are the superior solution

Energy savings from steel are much higher due to energy’s ability to either enter or leave a tightly fortified structure. In other words, what is inside is in and what is outside is out! Regularly constructed homes allow a 2-way path for energy to enter and leave via windows, doors, joints, roofs, attics and the general nature of building materials that start decaying and rotting from the moment they are constructed.

  • Steel is tough and long-lasting and will withstand all that mother nature put in its path.
  • Steel is pest resistant and will not provide a food source for bugs and microorganisms to feed off.
  • After the design phase is complete the pre-engineered steel building system is manufactured in sections and easy to assemble components. When your prefab steel building arrives all you have to do is connect the parts and erect the building with either scaffolding and or a small crane, no special tools are required.
  • Each steel building home is unique and cost varies depending on location, end-use, along with meeting the state (Registered Engineering in All 50 States) and local requirements. Building code inspections are a breeze as most inspectors know there will be little to question with a prefab steel building that has been already approved at the state level.
  • Our steel is produced in an eco-friendly manner where any leftover materials created during the production of your steel garage building are one hundred percent recyclable.
  • Because steel is comprised of inorganic materials, it is not subject to the wear and tear that traditional buildings are subject too. Microorganisms thrive on wood and cement and breed mold, fungus, mildew, and other unsavory elements.
  • A steel garage building will use fifty percent less energy to heat and cool a climate-controlled structure.

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