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Barber Motorsports Park is a 880 acre facility, featuring racing and the world's largest motorsports museum.

Superbikes at Barber

Don’t Miss the Action! Superbikes at Barber May 17 – May 19

Barber Motorsports Park is an 880 acre racing facility in Birmingham, Alabama that has hosted to the IndyCar Series’ Grand ...

Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas April 12 through 14, 2024

Enjoy the Race and Save!

Grand Prix of the Americas April 12 through 14 

It’s time for family fun out in the sun this April 12 through 14 for the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. ...

Steel structure of new industrial building under clear blue sky. New technology structural frame beam of factory in construction. Steel frame manufacturer and pile of sand and gravel in Crosby, TX, US

A Modern Solution for Construction

In the world of construction, steel buildings have emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering unparalleled strength, versatility, and sustainability. From towering skyscrapers to humble warehouses, steel structures have become synonymous with ...

Examples of a c-channel beam, compared to a rigid frame I-beam.

Rigid Frame VS C-Channel Steel Buildings

Rigid frame buildings offer superior strength, stability, and design flexibility, making them suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

C-channel buildings provide a cost-effective solution with simpler construction and ...

Engineer watching the construction of a steel building

The Advantages of Steel Construction Over Wood

Steel buildings offer several advantages over wooden construction:

Durability: Steel is a highly durable material, resistant to rot, mold, and pests that can affect wood. Steel structures typically have longer lifespans than ...
Steel Manufacturing and storage facility using a steel i-beam construction

Galvalume Steel VS Galvanized Steel

Galvalume steel is a type of steel product that is coated with a combination of aluminum, zinc, and sometimes silicon. This coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance compared to traditional galvanized steel. Common ...