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Metal Horse Barns

When you need the most exceptional steel building for equestrian usage, Steel Commander Corp is the superior choice to help you from beginning to end with the design and delivery of your steel building kits. Metal Horse Barns are being used more for stable housing and as riding arenas for horses. These barns are portable, easy to construct, and require little effort to construct as they are prefab kits with easy-to-follow instructions. As time goes by, they have gained popularity as a choice of the stable for equestrian enthusiasts. They are also ideal for permanent riding and housing solutions at an affordable cost and is many time lower than traditional construction. They are available in different sizes, styles, and designs. You can use our steel building designer to create your own plans. 

There are several advantages of using metal buildings for horses. Firstly, the barns are highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions. Secondly, they are more economical as compared to other kinds of stable structures that are available. Steel Commander Corp’s metal horse barns can be fully customized according to your property, living, and riding needs.

The most popular variety is the metal-framed barns. They are manufactured to fit the specifications and requirements of any specific type of horse. All Steel Commander Steel Buildings has registered engineering plans for all fifty states. These barns are also available in various sizes, designs, and styles. Hence, the choice available to the stable owners for buying these buildings depends on their requirements and budget.

Apart from providing shelter to the horses, they are also excellent for storing various types of tools, livestock, and equipment. This facilitates the stable owner to keep large items, which otherwise would occupy a lot of space and cost a lot of money. The metal barns are also highly versatile. They can be used in any kind of environment whether purely as a stable or riding arena with a tack room. This flexibility makes them a popular choice for the owners.

Apart from having one of the longest warranties in the steel building industry – Industry Leading Warranty · 40 yr Warranty (Rust-Through Perforation Warranty) · 60 yr Warranty (Structural Warranty), metal horse barns are more durable than wooden ones. This is due to the sturdy framework and heavy-duty materials used in manufacturing these barns. Also, the metal barns can be assembled very quickly compared to the wooden ones. This increases their usability, flexibility, and efficiency.

In addition, the barns made of metal do not need much when it comes to maintenance and can even withstand severe weather conditions. Another major advantage of the metal barns is that they are flexible and adjustable, which allows the user to raise or lower the height of the entrance of the barn. This facilitates easy movement of the horses in and out of the barn.

The steel barns are much preferred over the other options because they are also durable. Steel has excellent tensile strength and this is why it is an ideal material for making the stable doors of the barns. Moreover, steel is available in a wide range of colors, so you do not have to make any choices, as it comes in all the colors that are required for the barns. It is also resistant to corrosion, so it remains sturdy even after the horses are used.

There is also no need for painting the metal horse barns, as they can resist many types of damage. However, you can enhance its appearance and make it look more attractive by customizing it with colors that you like. This can give you the ability to customize the structure according to your needs and requirements. You must also take into account other factors such as the stables, equipment, and furniture, as they must be in accordance with the design you have planned for the barn.

Since the metal horse barns are affordable, you can purchase as many as you need to maintain the appearance. Moreover, they will last for many years, so you do not need to invest in new ones every now and then. They are extremely popular due to the benefits they offer. These barns are designed to provide the best environment for your horses, so you should opt for one that provides maximum comfort to them. Metal barns are durable, high quality, portable and lightweight.


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Metal Horse Barns


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