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Quonset Hut Steel Buildings

Quonset hut steel buildings kits and metal garages for sale.

Steel Commander Corp arched style quonset hut metal garage kits for sale. Complete information including pricing, ordering, and features.

The quonset hut metal building kit (see history and description of the quonset steel buildings hut is a favorite among many industries across America, especially homeowners and small businesses. Homeowners use the quonset hut as an extra garage, workshop, or storage building. Small businesses prefer it as a retail shop, auto body shop, or warehouse building among many other uses.

The quonset steel buildings hut provides a sound, durable economical structure superior to a wood-framed building. Prefab metal garages are also superior to other metal buildings in that they are lower cost, provide maximum security, and are pre-engineered metal building systems built to withstand hurricane-force winds, earthquakes, and the most severe weather imaginable. Made of steel the materials and exterior are made to last decades virtually maintenance-free.


  • Maintenance-free for decades
  • Low cost
  • Advanced Carbon Steel materials
  • Pre-engineered
  • Easy to erect
  • Withstands severe weather meter than any other retail structure or wood
  • Paint lasts decades
  • Clearspan design for 100% useable interior
  • High security
  • Virtually unlimited sizes
  • Customizable end walls and entrances
  • Superior climate control
  • Energy Star High ratings
  • The most structurally sound building on the market


You can choose any size that fits your needs. Choose up to 150 feet wide and up to 40 feet high and as long as you need because the pre-engineered metal building system is built in sections so you can design it any size you need.


You can choose from a variety of metal building colors or ask us about our custom color selections. The paint and synthetic resins used are the most innovative silicone-protected polyester technology available in the market today. The paint ( Energy Star Approved) acts as a thermal barrier because it reflects up to 70% of the sun’s rays keeping the metal building interior cooler and more energy efficient.


You only need a concrete slab poured that the building is typically bolted down to. There are two types of foundations and ways to construct them depending on the climate where your building is. (See more information on foundations for steel arch buildings).


The majority of quonset steel buildings hut owners erect their buildings themselves. You only need a crew of 4-5 people with scaffolding as high as the pitch of the building. You can rent the scaffolding and return it when the structure is complete. The building is assembled (See assembly tips here) with a minimal amount of tools that you probably already have. Basically, all garage kit models arrive in sections that are bolted together one at a time until the structure is complete. This will save you thousands of dollars on construction costs and labor for contractors giving you a large building for less cost. When it is finished you have a steel building bolted down to the concrete and that structure is solid!


In the most severe areas of the world where extreme sub-zero temperatures are intolerable, top professionals working in those conditions prefer quonset steel buildings huts as their first choice. When insulated they provide a comfortable interior, unlike any other manufactured structure. And in the heat of summer climate-controlled interiors cost less than other structures.

If you are searching for Quonset Hut Steel Buildings then you should certainly check out more of our website and give us a call so we can get started on your project!

Quonset Hut Steel Buildings


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