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Man Caves and She Sheds are familiar names, but what about barndominiums. These are barn homes and the newest trend in custom building. They could be your next dream house.

Barndominiums offer a great mix of living space and entertainment in a low-maintenance, cost-effective metal building. These low-cost metal buildings are popular in rural areas, on ranches, or for anyone looking to build something more flexible. They can include a large garage, workshop, barn, horse stables, an airplane hangar, and a large garage. They are easy to build with Steel Commander Corp’s steel building kits. If you have any questions about our barndominiums call Steel Commander Corp today.   844-722-4766

Cost Savings Compared to Conventional Construction

Sure, you could buy a pre-built barndominium. You wouldn’t want to. You can build a DIY version of a home, especially when it is made from Steel Commander Corp Steel. It will last longer than a traditional home and cost less.

Steel Commander Corp Steel barndominiums are customizable and can be built to your specifications. This means that you can design the building you want, at a lower average cost than traditional home construction.

The benefits do not stop with build-out. They actually start once you move in. These are just a few examples:

  • Steel barndominiums are more efficient than wood construction.
  • Steel exteriors are more cost-effective and easier to maintain over the lifetime of a building’s life.
  • The potential for lower insurance rates due to the increased durability of our buildings
  • Steel is more durable than wood and can be repaired easily.

Everything you need in one kit

Steel Commander Corp designed their metal barndominium kit to be easy to build. You don’t have to be a barndominium builder! It’s easy with us! Every barndominium kit includes a detailed assembly manual and expert staff to help you with any questions.

This standard steel frame kit contains everything you need for building your steel home, aka barndominiums. This includes all main framing and secondary framing (for all-steel), exterior sheeting, trim, closures fasteners, stamped building plans, and trim. You can add second floors, wrap around porches or overhangs to these packages. Or, you can reduce the size if your exterior material is a different type. All you have to do is combine them and voila! Now you’re the proud owner of your barndominium.

Our barndominium kits feature flexible floor plans that can be customized to fit your needs. Although they are designed for DIY, we won’t leave you behind when it comes barndominium plans. These low-maintenance metal buildings homes are easy to build. Our experts will walk you through the process, including how many square feet you should have and where to place countertops.

You can design your barndominium to any size and place it wherever you like. Our Barndominium building kits offer similar interior finishes to traditional construction. However, there are no interior structural walls. This allows for more square footage.

Our barndominiums are supported by clearspan framing and constructed with the same high-quality materials as all our metal buildings. This gives you the freedom to customize the interior layout of your home. You are free to create the layouts you desire for your living spaces and rooms, as there are no load bearing walls in the floor plan. The possibilities for combining living and playing under one roof are virtually limitless.

Steel Commander Corp Steel Buildings’ engineers and designers can help you design the barndominium that you have always dreamed of, but didn’t know you could achieve. If you have any questions about our barndominiums call Steel Commander Corp today.   844-722-4766


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