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Steel Building Homes Near Me

Gray Steel Garage with Black Roof

Steel Building Homes from Steel Commander Corp are trendier because of their affordability and trendy nature. Steel building homes near me offer all the benefits of a traditional home but at a fraction of the price. Steel does not rot, so durability is an advantage.

There are many benefits to choosing a steel home, but there are also small details that should be considered. Steel Commander Corp only uses the best quality materials, which are certified by the top councils for steel construction and eco-friendly, energy star, and the most respected welding societies. When looking for a home in steel construction, it is important to ensure that you have identified key trust elements and the manufacturer’s verified accreditations.


  • Hurricane Rated
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Easy to customize
  • Heavy snow, wind, and seismic loads
  • Frame made of heavy-duty red-iron steel
  • Zee Purlins
  • All 50 States: Registered Engineering
  • Multiple designs
  • No special tools required
  • Simple Build-It-Yourself Construction


Steel Commander Corp has a large selection of steel buildings at an affordable cost that doesn’t compromise on the quality of your prefab still-building kit.


  • Agricultural Steel Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangar Steel buildings
  • Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Garage Steel Buildings
  • Industrial Steel Buildings
  • Recreational Steel Buildings
  • Residential Home Steel Buildings
  • Storage Steel Buildings
  • Workshop Steel buildings
  • Marijuana Steel Buildings
  • Livestock Steel Buildings
  • Horse Barn Steel Buildings (Riding Arenas)
  • Sports Steel Buildings


The warranties that they offer on their steel buildings can reveal a lot about the manufacturer of steel buildings. Steel Commander Corp proudly passes along one of the industry’s strongest warranties at forty-five years. We are proud to have the top certifications and highest awards from American Welding Standards, Green Building Council Member and Energy Star Manufacturer, Canadian Welding Bureau, and CAN CSA-A660 certified.


You want to ensure that permits are not required for the steel building you choose. Steel Commander Corp prefabricated steel building kits are registered in all 50 states. Every locale is unique and has its own building codes. These codes are applicable to specific terrains and weather conditions. Steel buildings can withstand everything from hurricanes to snowstorms. You don’t need to worry in most cases but it is a good idea to request steel building plans beforehand so that you can check with the local permitting office.


Contact us today by calling 844-SCC-IRON to learn more about how we can assist you and answer all your questions regarding the purchase of steel building homes near me.

Steel Building Homes Near Me

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