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Steel Commander Corp believes in a multi-dimensional approach to customer satisfaction and maintaining our leadership position in the pre-engineered steel structure industry. Steel Commander Corp takes great pride in the customer service we provide and the expertise of our staff. Our unwavering commitment and dedication to our customers have led us to extraordinary success. We have helped thousands of people to design their dream buildings. We are committed to continuing to be a leading provider of pre-engineered steel structures with the same enthusiasm and expertise that we have. For any questions regarding the best steel buildings in California feel free to give Steel Commander a call at  844-722-4766.

Popular are our 50×100 steel buildings. The possibilities are limitless with this large open space inside the building. This building is ideal for storage, manufacturing, and doggy daycare. It also has 50×100 steel buildings with living quarters. Our 5,000 sq. Our 5,000 sq. ft buildings have quickly become a popular size for our grow houses with living quarters. Its flexibility and open design make it an ideal start for your growing operation. You can also add length to your business with our expandable end-walls.

Businesses that need separate areas of operation will love the 2:1 ratio of 50” x100” metal buildings. Businesses that employ this size typically have two areas of operation: one for themselves and the other for customers. Many retailers, bakers, florists, and printing companies can benefit from the extra space. Many opt for 50×100 steel buildings with living quarters. They plan to add storage, office space, and/or living quarters.

Steel is one of the most widely available materials in the US. Its primary base is iron, which happens to be the second most plentiful mineral on the planet. It is easy to reuse steel. Up to 60% of high-quality red iron I-beams can be made from recycled steel. This makes it strong and inexpensive. The steel price is at an all-time low. It is also the lowest it has been in 15 years. This makes now the perfect time to start building.

Are you looking for storage space that can store all your goods quickly? A steel structure may be the best option, as it is quick and easy to construct. A few days is all it takes to complete a project. This means there is little or no downtime and no loss in productivity. You’ll also save on labor costs as it takes only a few people to erect the steel structure.

Steel Buildings California

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