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Steel Commander Corp quonset style quonset metal garage kits available for sale. You will find all details, including pricing, ordering and features. If you are searching for the best company to purchase a Steel Quonset Hut from look no further than Steel Commander Corp!

The quonset hut steel building kit (see history, description, and purchase order of quonset steel buildings) is very popular with homeowners and small businesses across America. The quonset hut is used by homeowners as an additional garage, workshop, or storage building. It is also a great option for small businesses, such as retail shops, auto bodies shops, and warehouse buildings.

Quonset steel buildings hut is a strong, sturdy, and economical structure that’s better than a wooden-framed building. Prefab metal garages offer a better value than other buildings. They are low-cost, secure, and can withstand earthquakes and hurricane-force winds. The exterior and materials are made of steel, so they can last for decades.


  • Maintenance-free for decades
  • Low cost
  • Advanced Carbon Steel Materials
  • Pre-engineered
  • It is easy to erect
  • This retail structure and wood can withstand severe weather better than any other.
  • Paint lasts decades
  • Clearspan design for 100% useable interior
  • High security
  • There are virtually unlimited sizes
  • End walls and entrances are customizable
  • Superior climate control
  • Energy Star High ratings
  • This is the most solid building on the market


Any size you need can be chosen. You can choose from sizes up to 150ft wide, 40ft high, and as long as you need. The pre-engineered metal building systems are built in sections so that you can make it as large or small as you want.


Choose from a range of metal building colors, or contact us to discuss custom color options. The paint and synthetic resins are made with the most advanced silicone-protected polyester technology on the market. Energy Star Approved paint acts as a thermal barrier by reflecting up to 70% sunlight, keeping metal buildings cooler and more efficient.


A concrete slab is all that is required to build a building. There are two types and methods of constructing foundations depending on where you live. For more information about foundations for steel arch buildings, click here

It’s easy to build!

Most Quonset steel building hut owners construct their buildings by themselves. A crew of four to five people is all you need with scaffolding that is as tall as the pitch of your building. The scaffolding can be rented and returned when the structure has been completed. You will only need a few tools to assemble the building (see assembly tips here). Garage kit models come in sections that can be bolted together until they are complete. This saves you thousands on labor and construction costs, allowing you to build a larger building at a lower cost. It is finished when the steel structure has been bolted to concrete.


Quonset steel building huts are the first choice for professionals who work in extreme temperatures. They provide an interior that is unlike any other manufactured structure, and are insulated. In the summer heat, climate-controlled interiors are less expensive than other structures.

You can find Quonset Hut Steel Buildings on our website. Give us a call to get started!

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