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Steel Building Garage Kits South Florida

Interior of Steel Workshop with Large Windows

Metal buildings are widely used as garages for home business use. Our metal garage kits are built to last decades, are economical, and aesthetically complement a residential property. If you are looking for the most trustworthy place to buy Steel Building Garage Kits South Florida look no further than Steel Commander Corp!

If you need to expand your residential living, storage or workshop space, our metal building garage kits are more economical than a traditional garage building. Design and price your metal garage kit and get an approximate cost on your building. Steel Commander Corp manufactures and supplies metal buildings to government agencies and large corporations but our residential business is the heart of our metal building company. Working with people all over our great country is rewarding and the foundation of our clientele.

Metal garage buildings require a foundation and some small equipment to assemble and secure the foundation. Some homeowners may have the ability to erect a garage kit on their own with a few helpers, which can cut costs, but it is recommended to trust the professionals at Steel Commander to install your steel building.

Whether you need to store recreational vehicles, automobiles, workshop equipment, lawn equipment or want to start a home business, rigid frame metal garage kits provide the security, strength, and appeal you are looking for along with the flexibility to custom design and accessorize your building to conform it to your needs. Only the rigid frame metal building provides the appealing design but also the strength to gather the world’s strictest building and wind codes.

Metal garages are a much better alternative to wood or CBS construction due to their low cost of materials and labor. The ridge frame structure is so strong there is no need for beams or posts so you have a 100% usable area inside. You can even add to your garage by extending the length from either end. The superior I Beam Red Iron rigid frame construction and design also withstand heavy snow loads, hurricane-force winds, and the conditions in the world’s harshest weather regions.

The metal building kit is mostly maintenance-free. Metal garages are growing in popularity as residential storage spaces and workshops because of their practicality, lower pricing, building strength, and low maintenance.

You can customize the exterior of your metal garage with brick or stone siding, planters, patios or trim to match the look of your home. Give us a call and let us help you get creative and share some of the ideas our other customers have used.

Here are metal garage kits for sale and their prices along with the cost savings you would get from purchasing from Steel Commander Corp.

Steel Building Garage Kits South Florida

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