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Premade Steel Building Kits

Steel homes are a popular choice for homeowners who buy land. This is due to the fireproof structure, as well as lower insurance premiums. Because they aren’t combustible, steel homes are more affordable than CBS or wood homes. It is resistant to pests and rodents and doesn’t require regular painting. Steel Commander Corp is the best place to buy South Florida steel building kits. If you are looking for the most reliable company to get your Premade Steel Building Kits from look no further than Steel Commander Corp!

The interior of metal building steel homes can also be customized. To divide and frame rooms, you can either use traditional wood stud framing or metal drywall framing. A rafter is an option to give interior spaces flat ceilings. Steel Commander Corp steel homes are stronger than homes with CBS or wooden frames.

We must not forget the cost. A CBS home or a wood home will be more expensive than a kit for constructing a metal home. Your home will cost you up to 40% more. Steel homes can be built using the only parts available. A small crew is needed to assemble the steel frames and purlins.

Steel homes can be expanded later on to increase their square footage. To increase the length of the home, you can remove the wall at its back or create a second structure to accommodate guests.

Let’s move on to the interior. Because the building is open-span, you can use it as much as you wish.

The exterior of your steel home can be any color that you like, and in many combinations. The paint on your steel home is made of a high-tech silicone-protected polyester that acts as a thermal shield. It can reflect up to 70% of sunlight, making your metal building’s interior cooler and more efficient. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our building plans or quality.

Get a quote for your steel home by calling us. To get an instant price, enter the dimensions and roof pitch. You can also add accessories such as slide windows, skylights or sections garage doors.

We can help find contractors and crews to build your steel house when you purchase it from Steel Commander Corp. These guys can handle all aspects of construction, including permits, ground surveys and electrical and plumbing installations.

Contact our steel home specialists today for the best and most affordable home you can build.

Premade Steel Building Kits

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Steel Building Homes for Sale

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