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Generally, there will be 5 key kinds of structural components that are crucial to making the sturdiest steel frame – compression members, bending members, tension members, combined force members, and their connections. The tension members are generally located as chord and web members in the trusses and open web steel joists. A tension member has one main objective, to carry tensile forces, in laymen’s terms – pulling forces only and their end connections are specified and assumed to be pinned. Pin connections thwart and prevent any movement, rotations or shear forces from being applied to the member.

Metal buildings are highly versatile as they have many end-use applications that can easily and precisely meet your dimensions according to roof pitch, height, width, and length. Your steel building can be hundreds of feet wide and deep while easily reaching heights of forty feet because of the pre-engineered metal building systems have the ability to be scalable. These steel building systems permit you to always add more and more mainframe components and beams to add length and larger ones for your preferred width. You also enjoy the added flexibility to adjust the roof pitch as well as the end wall design with overhead awnings or roofing.

Each steel building home is unique and cost varies depending on location, end-use, along with meeting the state (Registered Engineering in All 50 States) and local requirements. Building code inspections are a breeze as most inspectors know there will be little to question with a prefab steel building that has been already approved at the state level. 

The overall consensus from steel building home buyers is that they cannot be more satisfied with the cost and rapid delivery. Optimism for steel building homes is gaining more and more steam every day as the most affordable way to construct a home at an unbelievably affordable price.

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If you don’t already have a foundation in place then you will need to get one whether a monolithic slab, concrete slab or a floating slab. Your foundation is generally poured according to your geography, building size, weight, irrigation, frost lines, and other pertinent factors. Once you have an approved foundation in place the building is then bolted down to the foundation for a secure and safe permanent building.

We have a plethora of color options from which to choose from for your end wall colors and trim colors. There are literally hundreds of color combinations available for you to create the ideal aesthetic for your steel building. We use only the highest quality paints that are Energy Star Approved coupled with the latest silicone protected polyester technology available on the market today. The Energy Star Approved paint will act and create a thermal barrier because of its ability to reflect up to seventy percent of the sun’s rays while also keeping energy from escaping.

When we design your steel building you will have greater flexibility for customization. The end walls and sides of the building can even incorporate walk through doors in 3’x7′ 3070/single leaf to 6’x7′ 6070/single leaf insulated walk through doors. Overhead doors that roll up, bi-fold, slide doors, and sections can be used for entryways.

A typical use for sliding doors is in the equine industry for horse barns, riding arenas, and for events complexes too. Sliding doors are quiet and manually opened and closed with little effort. Bi-fold doors consist of 2 panels that are hinged at the top which allows for a larger opening for planes and bigger vehicles. Sectional doors utilize horizontal sections which are hinged together and electronically operated in the same manner as your home garage door. Metal Roll-up doors are constructed with the exact same mechanical concept but sectional doors have much smaller horizontal sections but they are far more rugged by utilizing 18 to 20 gauge galvanized steel.

Ventilation is generally built into the walls and roof of steel buildings thus producing a highly effective flow of circulation all throughout your facility keeping the interior fresher. Vents come in a few styles from wall louvers, gravity vents, turbine vents, and ridge vents. 

After the design phase is complete the pre-engineered steel building system is manufactured in sections and easy to assemble components. When your prefab steel building arrives all you have to do is connect the parts and erect the building with either scaffolding and or a small crane, no special tools are required. 

The interior for your steel building is a clear span structure with one hundred percent usable interior space. Controlling the climate is easily done with insulated panels along with the addition of climate controls for adjusting temperature whether hot or cold. Your steel building is fully customizable and can adapt to whatever your desired needs are for the interior infrastructure. 

Ordering insulated panels during the design phase is much easier when done on the front end. The cost is slightly more than roll insulation. The insulated panels have been designed specifically for steel buildings so it is a much tighter fit against the ceilings and steel walls.

If you decide to make the decision to order a steel building there is a lot of planning that must be considered when choosing the right configurations and options. From structural features, gauge steel, colors, functionality, accessories, size and more. Our knowledgeable staff of consultants, engineers, and technicians are here to assist you with planning and pricing.

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